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Work Besties

I read another article recently which touted the importance of having a ‘best friend’ at work. People with best friends at work perform better and have more fun… well no doubt.

This week I was chatting with Karina about how the enjoyment of my Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes is always contingent on who is there to ‘roll’ with. For the last three weeks one of my favourite ‘friends’ from class has taken me under his wing, and class is always better when he is there.

When the girls left the BJJ last week, ecstatic, it was completely due to the great kids that ‘rolled’ with and encouraged them.

It is more about the people than the activity.

Find a way to put yourself in the proximity of friends.

This may mean finding the right job, or simply scheduling the right day to roll.

  • Now that’s peak ethos.

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