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What’s your vibration?

Instagram has been feeding me a lot of ‘woo’ posts lately, many related to energy. They claim things like:

“the frequency at which our bodies vibrate affects the world around us.”

I don’t believe we are scientifically advanced enough to actually verify that statement.

What I do know however, is that all anecdotal evidence from 44 years of living supports this claim.

Walk in a room with a huge smile on your face, and very quickly you will notice others smiling as well.

Hang around someone who is laughing, and in mere moments you will notice your mood take a spike upwards.

And most dangerously, put yourself in proximity to a pessimist, and feel the weight of their negativity crush you like a trap.

I won’t pretend to have the qualifications to explain ‘energy’, but the observations are real.

Stealing a quote from my friend, Becky:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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