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Day one of the new waterslide at Grandma’s pool was quite the production to behold.

The level of excitement was 11 out of 10 and for an amazingly hilarious thirty minute stretch I heard the words “WATCH ME!” being yelled over and over non-stop.

While it was mostly the five to eleven year olds yelling these words, I even noticed myself hollering to the kids “Watch this!”

This highlights the importance and authenticity of our most basic human needs,

the need for attention and connection.

Kids demand this attention with the literal words, ‘watch me’, and as we age the words manifest into our cars, clothes and behaviours.

A beautiful thing is that our ability to give this gift to others is often free, and it can produce amazing rewards.

Give the gift of attention this week, full undivided focus, world class listening, and a nice smile to top it all off.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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