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Use the right words

“If it’s any constellation…” I told my friend Brendan, who very swiftly laughed and replied “any set of stars...?”

Consolation, ahhh” I corrected.

While listening to a podcast this week I cringed after the third time the guest, a lawyer, CEO, and leader told the host how her ideas really “‘resignated’ with her audience”

Her ‘ideas’ are not quitting, they are resonating, I thought to myself.

During my next podcast I observed the host claim that “Afghanistan is a ‘suppository’ of natural resources”. Repository may have been a better choice.

For better or worse, the words we use are the way we present ourselves to the world, and it's amazing how one simple mix-up can detract from the quality of the message.

Although I always feel a twinge of embarrassment when I fumble with language, honest peer feedback is essential to improve oration.

Be considerate of your words, and tactfully help others do the same.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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