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Task Saturation

One of my pilot heroes, Dick Ruttan, shared a concept that has stuck with me for life, the ‘task saturation box’.

As humans we have the ability to manage a finite number of obligations or ‘tasks’ effectively at any given time.

When we are well slept, fed and loved that number is high.

When we are exhausted, sick and sad, that number is low.

Dick uses this metaphor in context of aviation and the items that require immediate and life challenging attention (gauges, systems, radios, weathers, passengers, problems, etc.).

I like to use this metaphor in the context of healthy living.

In each of our lives we only have the capacity to fit in a limited number of activities before some of the tasks suffer in quality, or drop off completely.

Pick your essential tasks wisely.

Say no to the things that don’t bring joy and fulfilment.

Fill your task saturation box with intention.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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