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Silence is rare, and golden

On a 2 hour flight to Victoria this week I was reminded of how uncomfortable many people are with silence.

A loud-speaking lady, two rows back and across the aisle, enlightened her seat neighbour and likely everyone within a ten foot radius, about many personal details of her life.

The barrage of words continued uninterrupted for a full two hours and contained many details that even my noise cancelling headphones could not block, including:

  • Her history as a teacher

  • Her views on challenging students

  • A personal philosophy on medication and children

  • Her opinions on her daughter’s dating life

  • An overview of her son’s learning issues

  • A detailed examination of deteriorating health within her family

  • An opinion and examination of personal pension and family inheritance

  • The state of her husband's medical issues

  • And on and on and on…

You get the idea.

An ‘over-sharer’ to be sure.

The good natured retired airline pilot sitting next to her exuded patience, and the perfect example of reciprocal behaviour.

He kindly listened, and engaged in a thoughtful manner.

This extreme example of ‘space-filling’, was a great reminder about how nice it can be to embrace silence, without discomfort, or the need to ‘fill the air’.

Next time you are given the gift of silence, take the opportunity to be present with yourself, and enjoy the moment.

You owe it to yourself… and those around you.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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