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Low Visibility

During a recent flight, I had to make do with some less than ideal visibility. While still technically legal for VFR flight (2 miles), it makes navigation much more difficult, spatial awareness more confusing (no horizon), and traffic avoidance difficult.

Despite the challenges, the frequent smokey skies from fires across the province, has forced me to practice in these conditions, and thus has built my comfort with flying.

Visibility affects all aspects of life,

from knowing what clients are saying about you to their friends,

to knowing what cash draws are hitting your accounts,

or simply how your teammates are responding to new initiatives.

Unlike weather, there are many factors of ‘life visibility’ that we can affect.

Asking great questions,

listening to understand,

or scheduling time to review budgets and accounts.

Increase your visibility through communication.

It will make the ‘flight’ much more successful.

- Now that’s a peak ethos.

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