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Lost and found

There was a four hour search today where Karina and I ‘toe-combed’ every bit of sand and scum in a ten thousand square foot section of lake floor, searching for Olive’s lost glasses.

They fell off her head fifty feet from shore, in about three feet of water, and yet the fear of the weeds below, prevented her from leaping in to ‘save them’...

The initial anger from the scene stemmed from the lack of effective ‘reaction’ by Olive, the fact that Olive is basically blind without them, and the $800 price tag.

Somewhere past my third hour of feeling the bottom of the slimy weeds, rocks, and other detritus, Karina frantically ‘waved me in’ from the beach.

“You caught it on video, I just found it on your iphone, we can zoom out and triangulate the actual spot!” she exclaimed. I did not even recall taking the video…wow.

I couldn’t believe it. It was clear from the video that we were searching in the wrong area, despite both our memories corroborating, and after only ten minutes in the new location, success, Karina's toes discovered the treasure.

During the fiasco, despite my mounting frustration, I knew the world was trying to send me a message:

Perhaps it was Kevin Kelly’s idea that a vacation plus disaster = adventure or,

My body needed three hours of methodical lower body ‘meditative aquasize’ or,

It was time to overcome my ‘fear’ of lake bottoms, leeches, slime, and weeds, (which did fade away after the first ten minutes) or,

That I need to let go of little problems, (even if they are necessary for vision), and be grateful that our problems are small compared to many.

In the end one clear message rings true,

in order to experience true joy, there must be adversity… even if it is at the hands of a murky lake water.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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