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Let your actions do the talking

I have a tendency of over-using the expression “Words on a wall” anytime someone (usually a leader) is using words, but failing to follow through with action.

Unfortunately the more reflective I am about my own behaviour, the more I am aware of it in the world around me, and I find it quite aggravating.

Here are few samples from the hundreds I’ve heard recently:

“We need to be unified!”... Translation: “I have no idea how to bring this team together, so I demand it!”

“We have a blast around here!” Translation: “I like to tell people that I’m a fun person to work for.”

“I hear you”... Translation “I’m considering how best to convert you of my point of view”

“Let me be honest with you”... Translation: “I know I can sometimes be untrustworthy, but not this moment”

Honest actions speak much more clearly than simple words.

Let your integrity do the talking.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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