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Leadership and friendship are close siblings

I got my hackles up when a leader I know shared how many friends were lost during her rise to power. It struck me that there were two likely possibilities:

  1. The lost friends should have been culled years ago and weren’t worth the title, or

  2. The leader did not understand the concept of great leadership

As someone who has been fortunate to have many great bosses over the years, I have often noticed that the best ones always ended up being great friends by the end, despite starting out as strangers.

Upon pondering leadership attributes, it is clear that a great leader simply embodies the elements that make up a great friend.


  • appreciate the fun in life, and love to laugh, and invite you to the party.

  • build you up beyond themselves, then celebrate your greatness

  • keep you accountable, even when you are not able to keep yourself true.

  • challenge you and push your limits

  • give you compassionate feedback, in order to help you grow

  • are as dependable as a Golden Retriever

  • are always in your corner, and support you when you need it the most

  • are as trustworthy as a vault

  • listen like you are the only person in the world

  • respect your story and ask questions to understand

Any leader with even half of these traits is worth their weight in gold.

Maybe it’s time to enhance your own leadership attributes and watch your friendships flourish.

- Now that’s a peak ethos.

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