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Kill the intro!

As more of my information diet is being streamed from online sources such as youtube, I am noticing that I am becoming much more aware (and critical) of ‘air time’ utilization.

Before a youtube video begins I check the ‘progress bar’ and decide very quickly if I am willing to allocate this amount of time to the content.

While observing the beginning of two recent webinars, I found myself (after making sure I was muted) saying “Get going already!”. For some reason the presenters were providing long winded introductions that added no value to the presentation for the first ten minutes.

Not only did this disregard the value of my own time, but hundreds of other viewers as well.

I have noticed that other more efficient creators and presenters find a way to power through all the content in the same time it takes for some people’s introductions.

I’ve preached this consistent theme before (I haven’t seen a short speech I didn’t like) that time is our most precious commodity.

Getting to the point concisely often takes work, preparation, and practice.

Cut the time, kill the intro, and respect the audience.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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