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“I’ve never heard a short speech I didn’t like.”

I was getting the update about the memorial of an amazing friend and mentor of my mothers, Brian Hesje. Brian was exceptional for many reasons, including his humour, candour, logic and leadership, and his saying “I’ve never heard a short speech I didn’t like”, has always resonated with me.

When getting a recap about the funeral, my mom shared how impressive and hilarious various speeches were, from his daughter Allison to his accomplished speaker and friend Rick Hansen.

As a strange piece of cosmic irony the ‘funeral celebrant’ and show ‘closer’ proceeded to ramble for a comical 20 minutes, the antithesis of our title above.

Perhaps ego or lack of self awareness played a role, however, she may have (erroneously) believed that she was providing a terrific recap of Brian’s life and character.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of boring, long, and often self-centred speeches. Whether at a wedding, graduation or funeral, if you are given the opportunity to speak, understand that you are there for the people, the moment, and the memory.

Show some self awareness, read the crowd, and get to the point.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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