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Every failure is a communication failure

I have a working hypothesis that every failure is a communication failure.

Plane crashes, broken relationships, missed deadlines, disappointed clients, etc. etc.

This hypothesis was proven again last night when Karina observed my ‘spastic’ body movements and wild arm guestures as I tried to ‘communitcate’ with my very deaf Jack Russel.

A series of futile movements, including sweeping arms, a series of index finger hooks and aggressive pointing.

As always Friendo stared dull-eyed, and uncomprehending.

Karina observed this insanity and noted loudly through laughter;

“I love how you've developed sign language for him, and none of it works!”

As it turns out, I was completely oblivious, as I had never consciously acknowledged that I had been doing this, or its lack of effectiveness.

What a perfect anecdote to the multiple communication failures that pervade our lives.

Often words or gestures spew forth, while unwilling or uncaring recipients remain dumbfounded, confused, or apathetic.

How many scenarios in our life are we communicating to an unreceptive audience, yet we fail to accept this, our messages unreceived, and our communications one-sided.

We owe it to those around us to put a little more effort into our communications.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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