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Can they see the smile on the other end of the line?

It’s a fun game to guess who is on the other end of a cell phone call by observing the words and intonation of the receiver.

Next time a friend around you receives a call, listen closely.

“What do you need?” abruptly worded, often implies spouse.

“Hiii you!” lovingly spoken is a give away for small children.

“Heeeyyy Brother!” joyfully inflected, may signal a favorite friend.

“Hello” crisply delivered, could indicate a strange number.

While working together on the farm I noticed myself saying “What’s up?” quite curtly, while receiving calls from my father.

Too often those closest to us receive the least care when it comes to communications.

When designing great communications with work teams, I often ask “Can they see the smile on the other end of the phone call?”

Be intentional about giving this level of effort to our loved ones.

“Hello Beautiful!” - Will be for Karina

“Hey man, good to hear from you!” - Will be for dad.

Let our greetings brighten their day!

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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