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Avoid the blame game

There was a bit of a mystery this week when I walked into my shop and saw my bike pump strewn across the middle of the floor.

I was confused.

I then noticed a bike frame tipped over as well.

I felt irritated.

“Have the girls been making a mess?”

“Did one of the dogs get trapped inside? And who would have let them in?”

“Did someone break in here?”

As I peered around the space looking for other clues it was obvious that my lizard brain had devolved to fear and blame thinking.

A better version of myself would have calmly observed the details and embraced the puzzle.

After a few minutes of verifying the valuables, noticing nothing else missing, and examining all the clues, I finally solved the case

My fine little robot vacuum (roomba) had simply been struggling with all the shop obstacles, and while keeping my floor shiny and clean had disrupted a few items.

I felt a little sheepish.

I am making it a goal to be more calm when met with surprises. They are inevitable, and going into panic mode simply makes things worse.

And above all, I'm going to avoid blame,both on myself or others.

Observe, act, and move on.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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1 Comment

Kimberlea Kozachenko
Kimberlea Kozachenko
Jul 04, 2021

Looks like Roomba was practicing his burnouts. 10 out of 10, little robot friend!

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