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Apologize NOW!

An apology is a beautiful thing.

It is from the heart.

It shows remorse, reflection, and empathy.

It expresses the desire to do better.

Unfortunately a forced apology is none of the above.

It is simply a charade under duress, to appease someone in power.

It is pointless.

I don’t support forced apologies between adults (with the exception of training the young).

I was recently reminded of this, when a grown relative of mine demanded an apology from another relative, on behalf of someone else… bizarre.

It was embarrassing, awkward, and missed the whole point of healthy communications and forgiveness.

Speak clearly.

Don’t demand an apology when what you really mean to say is:

“I want you to know that your words made me feel uncomfortable, and you’ve made me consider the merits of our relationship.”

Communication received.

If an apology is warranted, it will come when the person is ready.

Be patient.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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