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YouTube Education

I noticed a grade 9 student crocheting in the hallway at school and was immediately brought back to my youth where my granny would be contentedly crocheting in her rocker every day after school.

This meditative activity was such a refreshing observation, contrasted with most other students, zoned into their phone screens being ‘entertained’ by the latest TikTok or social media craze.

I asked the young lady what she was making and she said “a book cover to protect a friend’s books”. Now I was even more impressed. She was thinking about someone else, using creativity to come up with a project, and having the independence to march to her own beat.

I then asked how she learned to crochet. To which she responded “I learned last week, from Youtube.”

I was flabbergasted. Based on my observation and the quality of her product I had assumed she had been doing this for years.

We live in an era where learning anything is merely a google search away, and where motivated students can quickly outpace their teachers through dedication, research and commitment.

When will our ‘industrial revolution’ style school system accept this paradigm shift, move away from ‘prescribed' learning at defined age levels, and instead start activating students' own curiosity to embark on individualized journeys of discovery?

Make space this week to learn something new from youtube. For me it has been mechanics, hemming pants, and new piloting techniques.

Set your curiosity and passion free with an intentional search, an allocation of time, and the ability to pause and move at your own pace.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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