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Would your 80 year old self be proud?

I had a magical moment on lunch supervision last week.

My two beautiful daughters, Hazel (kindergarten), and Olive (grade 2), helped me supervise the playground for a whole lunch recess.

And all though we had to break up a few altercations, and uphold the law of the land,

we did it while holding hands almost the whole time.

I was reflecting on what dollar amount my 80 year old self would be willing to pay to relive this experience.

The value is almost almost priceless, likely in the millions.

I find this exercise of asking one simple question puts perspective on the important things in life.

Next time you are examining your daily routines and activities, consider if you have sprinkled in enough of things that your 80 year old self would pay dearly to relive.

You may find yourself becoming more intentional about your choices.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos!

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