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Will this make me better?

Cleaning up my daughter’s birthday party at 10pm last Saturday, while indulging in an excess of treats and beverages, I wish I would have remembered a little trick I often use.

I ask myself one simple and effective mantra question, to encourage discipline.

  • Should I eat this extra piece of pizza?... “Will this make me better?”

  • Should I have one more glass of wine?... “Will this make me better?”

  • Should I run for one more mile?... “Will this make me better?”

  • Should I purchase one more bicycle?... “Will this make me better?”

  • Should I spend some more time ranting about a comment I didn’t like today?... “Will this make me better?”

The answers are always self-evident.

When the answer is yes, it is the push I need to keep moving.

When the answer is no, it was the reflection I needed to keep on track.

I find that this simple reminder is the ‘kick in the pants’ I need to keep on the healthy path.

And when it comes to being effective, simple is best.

Take the time to ask yourself this question.

“Will this make me better?”

It may help you make a few better decisions.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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1 commentaire

27 juil. 2021

Such a great question to ask!

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