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What have I been preaching?

I get quite a bit of entertainment from fun little ‘Catholic readings’ that my Grandpa leaves on my office desk. These treasures often take the form of Catholic articles or editorials, often promoting a more ‘liberal’ version of Catholicism.

Perhaps Gramps thinks that a more liberal version of Catholicism might appeal to my secular, scientific mind?

This Easter I was particularly entertained by a direct excerpt from Genesis 1.1 that was inconspicuously sitting on my keyboard.

I will admit that I may have made some unkind comments about the articles behind Gramp’s back.

“Does he think this fairytale will resonate with me!?”

“Oh now I understand creation….Yeeeeesssshhh!”

“Has he lost his marbles?”

“Is this a new Covid symptom?”

I eventually started reflecting on my own ‘evangelization practice’.

  • The multitude of unsolicited ‘challenges’ to colleagues and friends in the realms of fitness, diet, sleeping, or many other barrage of lifestyle initiatives.

  • My plethora of invasive personal questions regarding goals, motivations, or general lifestyle patterns.

  • Or perhaps the multiple suggestions of podcasts, shows, or literature that I frequently recommend to help people ‘move their needle’.

Under a more open minded scrutiny I have to wonder if my version of evangelization is any different than Gramps?

Before we decide to judge others, maybe a healthy dose of self-reflection is due.

We may find that our own motivations are not too different from theirs.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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