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What does efficiency look like?

“Do you think we should get Ikea to place our online order in a ‘pick-up locker’?

Karina asked as we were heading to Edmonton this week.

  • So we can pick it up on our own timeline (even outside business hours),

  • With no lines or waiting,

  • At a location in the parking lot next to our vehicle…


This was our first experiment with order pick-ups at the IKEA lockers and it was amazing.

We pulled up to the site as planned, on our own schedule, entered the code on the screen and … presto!

Olive’s new dresser was in our car and we were on the road within minutes.

Some of the latest innovations in customer service have stemmed from COVID necessity, and proactive businesses have carried these customer service improvements into normal activity.

To everyone enhancing the human experience through experimentation and creativity,

I thank you for…

less time wasted in line-ups,

more autonomy for making decisions,

more flexibility on how, when and where we meet our needs.

You are giving us back our most precious commodity….time.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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