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To make mistakes is human… take responsibility and move on!

Imagine that your closest group of friends likes to share inappropriate content on a group text stream. The content is generally innocent enough... funny memes, adult jokes and the like.

Now imagine that you come across a wildly inappropriate meme of adult content including private anatomy, that you know your friends are going to find hilarious…

You send it off… only to find out, through a series of aghast replies, that instead of sending it to your buddies, you have accidentally shared it with the group text invite to your daughter in-laws baby shower…


This hilariously uncomfortable, yet true, scenario occurred to a friend of mine. As you may imagine there was quite a bit of embarrassment and remorse attached to the event.

I was reflecting on the idea of ‘moving forward from mistakes’ and I was struck with how ‘human’ and ‘natural’ making mistakes can be. When something truly ‘cringe-worthy’ occurs often we carry it with us for far too long.

Next time we make a mistake let's agree to, take accountability, make apologies, and move on quickly.

Have the self-compassion to forgive ourselves for the fallible humans we are, and truly embrace the learning that comes with embarrassing mistakes.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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