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Throw a High Five

My most successful eras of teaching always coincided with the most ‘high fives’ thrown. I recall a period of time where I would high five everyone getting off the school bus and I would be consistently greeted with a barrage of smiles and positivity.

Imagine the last time you overhead slapped hands with someone. There is always joy, connection, camaraderie, and most importantly an implied, “I see you”.

When a student or colleague throws me a high five while passing in the hallway, the boost in energy is palpable and contagious. The high five is a sure sign that fun is possible, and even imminent.

After listening to Mel Robbins recently, I’ve even integrated the high five into my morning routine (and force my family to do the same). When we get up in the morning we give ourselves a high five in the mirror, assure our reflection of a great day ahead, and positively connect with the person staring back.

It is empowering and energizing.

It’s hard not to like people who throw high fives.

Get the easy win, boost your team (and yourself), and start throwing some high fives.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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