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Those who have the most fun win.

During a major Fall cleanup party at Poppa’s farm, I watched my girls, their cousins, parents, and grandparents all embarking on a mission to tidy up the farmyard.

While most people would not envision picking up trash, sorting scrap metal, and bagging abandoned chemical jugs to be fun activities, it was clear by the smiles and camaraderie that all people involved were having a blast.

It was a testament to my hypothesis that fun is less about the objective facts, and more about the overall feelings.

It’s the people we are connected to,

the satisfaction of making progress,

and most importantly the attitude we bring to the work.

The fun begins, when you decide it begins.

When you find a way to make mundane activities enjoyable, life becomes a game,

and in the game of life those who have the most fun win.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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