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They even picked amazing bananas!

It appears that I won’t be seeing as many adults wearing pyjama pants in public in the next little while.

Let me explain.

We are in our third week of online grocery shopping at the local NO FRILLS store.

It has replaced our usual routine of Saturday morning grocery outings to Walmart.

It has changed life for the better!

We open an order, book a time, and browse the virtual aisles.

On pick up day (for us it is between 4-5 on Friday),

you pull into an assigned parking stall,

call the number on the sign to tell them you have arrived… and presto…GROCERIES!

Less than five minutes later the groceries are in the back of my car and I’m driving away.

This has been a WOW!

The bill was about half the cost of normal. Less impulse junk?.

And to top it all off they even picked perfect bananas!

Get onboard,



Challenge yourself to try something new,

and save more than just your precious time!

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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