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The things we get used to

“The new normal” was a phrase from the pandemic that I genuinely despised.

Life is a series of surprises, challenges, and adjustments and ‘normal’ is such a vague term that discounts important items such as individuality, context and perspective.

We are on month two of watching three local moose spend their days outside our kitchen window. We generally see them at least once a day, and often I will carefully guard our gate so the dogs don’t chase them as we drive in and out of the yard.

For those unfamiliar with these strange ungulates, they are often so calm and unconcerned that I will drive within feet of them only to have them casually turn their heads in observation.

While playing loud music in the kitchen, it is entertaining to watch their ears perk up in interest.

These new guests have become… you guessed it… “the new normal”.

Instead of taking this majestic touch of nature for granted, the girls and I have been observing and enjoying our time with these visitors.

It is a reminder to be present, and thankful for all the items that have become ‘normal’ in our lives, that are clearly far from it.

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