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The Likeability Factor

One of the best parts about attending the Edmonton Folk Fest last weekend was running into two of my favourite teaching colleagues from the past. Although I hadn’t seen Craig or Sara for over five years, it felt like yesterday as we high-fived and shared hugs.

They are a rare example of a married couple who both exude infectious positive energy.

I left our twenty minute reconnect excited and smiling.

I trust the adage that you are a product of the people you surround yourself with (especially the five closest), and occasionally life puts us next to some real gems. They tend to draw a natural following and often lead organizations (even if not by title).

While working on team performance, discussions often emerge regarding leadership traits, and what metrics we might use to measure these elusive qualities. I’ve recently settled on my favourite and most simple trait,


Likeable people tend to:

Laugh easily,

Smile often,

Listen like they care,

Display curiosity,

Offer help,

Compliment freely,

Amongst others…

Likeable people draw others to a cause, can sell anything, inspire greatness, and most importantly, are easy to be around.

Improve your likeability to improve your success.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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