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The early bird gets the advantage

On holidays we have a habit of going on early morning runs during the quiet hours of dawn, while the city is still sleeping.

It is amazing how the mayhem and congestion of daytime gives way to a new and beautiful vantage of the cityscape. The quiet calm combined with the absence of people lets you explore the streets, the architecture, and sights without distraction or traffic.

I’ve always enjoyed early mornings, as the time between 4:45 and 7:30 is perfect for meditation, training, preparing, and even learning. By the time the 8:00 workday arrives we’ve had three hours to improve ourselves and prepare for the day.

As Ali Abdaal says “An hour before 9 is worth 2 after 5”, a quote worth considering.

Lately my girls have been joining the routine earlier and earlier, whether to disrupt a workout, or join a meditation, and I am excited to see them occasionally make use of this time, even if just to visit or cuddle.

When you win the day before 9:00 am, everything else you accomplish feels like a bonus.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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