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Start with sleep

I caught my second cold in a couple of months. With seasonal activities postponing bedtimes, I attribute the disruption to my sleep schedule as a contributing factor. 

Matt Walker (Sleep scientist), Andrew Huberman (Neroscientist), amongst many others have been touting the crucial nature of sleep for years now and the science is quite clear.

If you want to be smarter… sleep more

If you want to lose weight… sleep more

If you want to avoid illness… sleep more

If you want to be happy, less anxious, look younger… sleep, sleep, sleep!

For most of us this means shooting for eight hours per night.

Start with a few habit updates such as:

Not eating within 3 hours of bedtime

Keep bedtime consistent.

No viewing screens or drinking water within two hours of bedtime.

Diet, exercise, meditation and learning, are all built on the back of a good night's sleep.

Buy a mattress that works, find a weighted blanket you love, order a white noise machine if it helps, and keep earplugs on standby. 

Commit to eight hours of sleep a night, observe the improvement in your mood and health, and watch your problems drift away. 

  • Now that’s a peak ethos

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