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Sharing is Caring

As I brought Hazel’s friend home after a recent play date, the mother asked me to wait while she grabbed a plate of ‘spring rolls’ that she had prepared, to send home with me. I was slightly confused and jokingly asked Hazel’s friend “Why is your mother sending me a plate of food?”

They laughed and I happily accepted this kind and unexpected offer.

It turns out the timing was perfect and my family ravenously devoured the food minutes later.

Upon relaying this tale to my Filipino colleague (Hazel’s friend is also Filipino) she explained that sharing food is a very common practice in their culture. It is normal to send people with plates of food.

I recalled the times that people have brought in shared baking to coffee at work, or my mother’s practice of pre-making meals ‘freezer meals’ for new mothers, or sick families, and what an extraordinary gift of kindness this sharing is.

My internal dialogue has often been… “what if they don’t like it?” or “maybe they don’t eat this type of food?”.

If our society built in more acts of giving, like bravely sharing our creations, it would move the needle of social connection.

Bring someone a gift of nourishment. It is a kindness that cannot be rivalled.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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