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Semi-Annual Anger

‘Spring-ahead’ for daylight savings time occurred this week and my disdain for stupidity was running at an all-time high.

When my 4:45 wake up time was converted to 3:45 overnight (felt like), I became annoyed… again.

While I understand that with a week of acclimatization I will get used to the time change, I struggle to accept the irrationality of it all.

With the disruption to life schedules, and the associated negative health implications, (car crashes, heart attacks, missed appointments, lower cognition, grumpy people, etc.), it is hard to believe that we still make these semi-annual adjustments.

I believe it is people’s fear of change, and love of the status quo that inhibits social improvement. The last referendum where Alberta’s population voted for ‘sameness’ in keeping the time change, was a testament to this.

Take a stand against preserving the status quo. While it is often easiest to leave things alone, improvement takes intentional effort, and a good dose of discomfort.

Join me in the fight against irrationality, and a refusal to join the cult of ‘sameness’.

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