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Robot Lawn Care

My Instagram has been inundated with ‘robo’ lawn mower ads lately.

I’m not sure how it knows that I am obsessed with automating menial activities.

While I genuinely love cutting grass, the two hour process does have a significant fuel, mechanical, and opportunity cost associated. Although a $4000 price tag seems steep for an electric automatic lawn mower, it is clear that as someone who values my time, the device will pay for itself.

The march towards the automation of life has steadily progressed:

  • Hand washing dishes or clothing has been obsolete for generations.

  • ‘Auto-steer’ GPS technology steers our vehicles and farm implements.

  • Scribing voice to text is no longer necessary with phones and software.

  • And calculating the fastest driving route has been on our phones for years.

More recently Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding legal precedents, calculating tax strategies, and automating accounting. With these technologies on the verge of mass adoption, a major change in work roles and efficiencies are inevitable.

Automate an activity in your life that frees up your time for more creative, meaningful, or simply fun activities. The future is here, use it to your benefit.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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