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Questions are always the answer

One of my favourite children's books is Ada Twist Scientist.

For those who haven’t read this rhyme filled beauty, it is about a young girl who doesn’t speak till she turns 3, then unleashes an inquisitive barrage of questions regarding the world around her. She embodies the curiosity and enthusiasm required for a great scientist.

As a science educator there is no more important role than sparking the curiosity in others, and hoping they will find the interest and enthusiasm to make learning possible.

Ironically, this year has been a paradoxical defiance of the curiosity that is so crucial to human improvement.

I’ve watched weak leaders reprimanded employees for respectfully asking “why?”.

I’ve observed the public ‘bullying’ anyone who dares to ask “why”? regarding COVID or the mainstream narrative.

Curiosity is the spark that creates growth, improvement, and general human advancement.

It is the source of all scientific discovery and the foundation of the scientific method.

Questions are indicators of strong culture, relationships, and communications.

Next time you hear the word “Why?”, give gratitude, and nudge the world forward by embracing the opportunity to share open dialogue to add clarity.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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