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Prepare… or wear the dirty mask!

While frantically searching dad’s farm truck for a mask so that I would be allowed into Peavey Mart, I was taught a tough lesson in preparedness.

No mask in my pocket,

No mask in my bag,

Check dad’s truck console...

I locate someone else’s slightly used, somewhat dusty mask. (hopefully dads?)

Although Peavy Mart likely would have had a mask for me, my own ‘fear’ of asking, refusal, or judgement led me to this pathetic state. As a lifelong germaphobe I am well aware of the irony of putting on someone else’s used mask, and it is a symbol of how goofy some of my COVID antics have become.

It is amazing how even a tiny bit of preparation can make daily life so much smoother.

  • Prepare lunch snacks for the girls the night before

  • Shave before bed rather than during the morning panic

  • Fuel the cars before heading home so I am not rushing before work

  • Take out the ground beef in the morning to avoid frantic thawing at 5 pm while trying to cook...

A tiny bit of prep goes a long way to reducing stress, keeping days flowing and efficient, and maintaining personal sanity.

Despite nearly two years of the mask restrictions I still find myself scrambling on a regular basis.

I have now added extra masks on hand to my preparedness list.

It often takes an icky reminder, to instil a proactive habit.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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1 Comment

Dec 01, 2021

Hilarious mask story and love the leadership 'questioning'.

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