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Old Souls

We can all imagine a person who carries themselves with a presence of calm, serenity of spirit and maturity well beyond their years. These people often have conversations slightly more kind, thoughtful and fully present than counterparts their own age. These people seem as though they have been on this life’s journey before, and carry that understanding within their soul.

I attended one of the best field trips of my teaching career (as a parent volunteer) with Mannville schools grades one two and three. Not only was the weather perfect, the energy amazing, and the zoo hoppin', but also Olive (grade 3), Hazel (grade 1), and Karina (teaching grade 1/2), were all along as well.

The most magical moment of the day occurred immediately as I rolled through the zoo gates.

One of the kindest ‘old soul’ grade one boys that I have ever taught looked up with surprise as he spotted me and exclaimed excitedly…

“No one told me you were going to be here. Isn’t this a surprise!” followed by an amazingly kind hug.

There are likely few events on the planet that could warm my heart like that simple gesture, and probably few people who could accomplish it with such authenticity and joy.

Whether an old soul, or simply an act of kindness, the impact we can have on others is profound. Spark some joy and give your soul the permission to openly share appreciation with someone.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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