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Multiply by three, or more!

I’m guessing many people share my ‘underestimation’ of time requirements when beginning a new project. My historical list of over promising and under-performing is slightly comical.

The new patio…

Estimation: “it will take 16 hours of work” vs. actual: closer to 40 hours

The shop Mezzanine construction…

Estimation: “a week of work” vs. actual: more than three weeks.

I’ve learned that no matter what number initially pops into my head I now immediately multiply that by three, and it is much more accurate.

This week the estimation was related to moving beds out of Gramp’s house into our cabin. In my mind I pictured Karina and I easily sliding the two mattresses out of the house and seamlessly into the cabin.

Fifteen minutes on each end, my monkey brain announced. Wait… times by at least three.

“One hour” I announce to Karina, and luckily due to the multiplier effect I come in exactly on budget.

The actual event required one hour of very hard labour on each end, plus thirty minutes of securing the load.

There is a satisfaction of honouring a time commitment through accurate estimation. Helpers, clients and friends always appreciate it.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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