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Our 2021 yearly photo album was delivered from Shutterfly last week.

Receiving this album is always bliss.

Karina ‘culls’ the pictures from our iCloud camera roll each month and by the end of the year there is a pristine collection of pictures that get uploaded to the Shutterfly website.

The people (or bots) at Shutterfly beautifully arrange a full ninety page chronological album from our images.

I opened and viewed the album with my mom for the first time, and we were blown away.

Not only was I amazed at the number of great experiences the past year had collected, but I was also overwhelmed with the joy of having all these moments from 2021 rushing back to me.

“2021 was my best year ever!” I proclaimed, and was struck with a deja-vu that these may have been my exact words from the previous year.

I was back in amazing places, laughing, exploring and celebrating with so many loved ones. The hundreds of images drawing me back to a barrage of moments I had completely forgotten.

The magic of pictures is amazing, and the colourful reminders are an amazing tool to reflect on the gifts of life.

Return to some recent memories, experience the rush, and bask in the enjoyment yet again. Better yet have a clever business save you all the time and effort of making your own album and simply enjoy the reward.

I promise it will lift your spirits.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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