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Mechanical advantage

Normally a request to help move a piano is an immediate NO.

Leave it to the professionals, I have hurt my back too many times.

This week I broke my own rule and gave a YES to the piano request.

I was assured that there would be lots of helpers, and more importantly we were going to utilize a skid steer rather than our backs to carry the piano up the stairs (yes that is a piano on the skid steer pallet below… haha).

Whether it’s a pipe on a wrench for leverage,

an excel spreadsheet to summarize a ledger,

or more recently, artificial intelligence (AI) to complete a scenario analysis,

be curious about how you might tackle the painful tasks in your life.

There is likely a way to leverage some technology that will make the process easy.

Not only will it protect your back, but most importantly, it will protect your time.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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