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Maybe it’s time to REFOCUS

Our first baby boy, Friendo (Jack Russell) turned 14 recently.

I will confess that I do not love our midnight routine of panicked sprinting for Friendo’s potty breaks (three times last night). It is very much like having an infant again.

It is obvious that old age is becoming a bit of a burden in other ways as well.

For example:

  • Friendo is now fully deaf and panics when he thinks he is alone (strangely howling and acting like a tiny frightened Stegosaurus).

  • His failing kidneys cause multiple indoor ‘accidents’ during the week on top of our nightly ‘outings’.

  • His predisposition to attack other dogs is at an all-time high.

  • A shaky / twitchy - neurological issue makes him an ‘unnerving’ couch companion.

Despite the complications that his current age creates, I have recognized a few scenarios that completely negate the effects of his age and rewind his clock at least ten years:

  1. The smell of pork or chicken at the dinner table

  2. Another canine scoping out his food.

  3. The sight of a motorcycle.

Each of these activities miraculously transforms Friendo into his younger self, and exemplifies a power that all humans can embrace...

The ability to REFOCUS and shift our MINDSET.

Deconstruct your mental barriers.

Abolish your excuses,

Adjust your mindset and seek out your own ‘motorcycle’ to rewind the clock.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos!

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