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Litter box

Karina asked me if I had heard the rumour about a local high school student that requires a litter box at school because they identify as a cat.

As I started to visualize the logistical, and biohazardous challenges that would be associated with such a reality, I realized that I was actually humouring the possibility that the rumour was true… WHAT!??

It is a concerning state of society when time and energy is allocated to accommodate the bizarre. Many Canadian students arrive to school under fed, and missing basic amenities, yet there seems to be an abundance of energy and focus given to outlandish demands, for trivial outliers.

It is time that we spoke our opinions openly, kindly, and without fear. Catering to other people’s entitlement is not moving the metaphoric needle forward.

It is time to have more courageous conversations.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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