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Left-handed brushing

Brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand leads to “neurobic exercise”, engaging new neural pathways and different parts of your brain, leading to cognitive improvement… allegedly, according to various ‘experts’ on Instagram.

While I have no ability to validate the scientific claims above, I will tell you that after two month’s worth of left-handed toothbrushing I’ve noticed a few interesting things.

At the beginning it was awkward and slow, and I was concerned that my oral hygiene may be compromised.

Although I did not notice the changes along the way, now 60 days later, it’s relatively easy, I’ve developed a new skill, and am only mildly slower than normal.

It has clearly aided the dexterity of my left hand, and it feels like a small, and enjoyable accomplishment.

It has forced me to focus on brushing my teeth, being truly present in the moment, and helped me calm my task oriented ‘monkey-brain’.

Take yourself on a habit oriented challenge. Whether it’s fifty pushups before breakfast, thirty minutes of Duo lingo language training a day, or simply brushing with the ‘other’ hand, your soul will thank you for the effort with a new skill at the end.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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