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Learning pride of workmanship from craft brewers

I’ve been raving lately about how the consumer is the true winner in the craft brewing industry.

Local craft breweries are popping up in many communities around western Canada, and I’m excited. One of my favourite activities while travelling is to enjoy the unique beverages on tap, and in my experience so many are amazing.

The common thread… pride of workmanship.

There is something about putting your name on the side of each bottle, and directly taking accountability for the quality, that seems to raise the bar.

The discerning (or not so discerning) beer critics get to decide, with their wallets, if they want to purchase from this brewer again, and in my experience will always share the result with anyone willing to listen (“Best beer ever!!!...”)

Capitalism at its finest.

It is clear that taking accountability for your work, and expecting the same from those around you, creates a better experience.

  • Now that's a peak ethos.

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