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Leading = embracing questions

I have had many recent discussions lately about a leader who treats questions and feedback like the enemy.

When questions are asked of this fearful leader, we often see:

  • ‘hackles up’ body language anticipating some assault rather than open dialogue,

  • answers that are pre-rehearsed rather than honest and authentic

  • A tone of blame or helplessness rather than reflection

  • A general undertone of ‘fear’ within the community at the idea of asking the leader any questions.

Leading by definition requires that someone is looking to you for guidance, help, or direction.

Questions are the manifestation of leadership in action.

Anytime you engage in guiding, mentoring or supporting someone in their journey, you are leading.

Psychologically safe workspaces embrace the idea of communicating openly and honestly without the fear of job loss or punishment.

Great leaders know that open feedback, questions and dialogue are the lifeblood of healthy workplaces.

Be a leader that begs for feedback, and creates a healthy environment where people have the psychological safety to provide it.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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