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Kid Enthusiasm... more please!

I turned 41 this week.

For the days preceding my birthday I got the most enthusiastic and excited dialogue from Olive and Hazel.

  • “Dad you are going to loooovvvvve the cake we made!”

  • “Dad I will give you a hint, you will no longer mix your phone up with mom’s phone” (in reference to the dollar store iPhone case they picked out for my iphone, wrong size and style… but who cares.)

  • “Dad I am sooooo excited for tomorrow!!!!”

  • “Dad I will give you a hint… you will use your new present to work out”

It was so energizing to keep getting prompted with sparkling eyed excitement, each comment making each day so much better.

It became clear to me that as adults we become stereotypical “grown -ups” who generally lose the ‘excitement’ that gives spice to life.

This reflection made it clear to me that I am going to be very intentional in 41 and beyond to:

  • Not take life quite so seriously and,

  • To make sure I inject way more ‘kid enthusiasm’ into all elements of my life

Join me in this challenge, and we just might make the world a little more enjoyable.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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