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Keeping the status quo… so painful!

I know it’s not ideal to blame the time change on my broken screen protector, but my hands were slightly clumsier than usual loading up the car this morning.

I think it was a Malcolm Gladwell book that got me considering the idiocy of switching from daylight saving time and the havoc it causes in society (health issues, car crashes, exhausted children etc.).

Teaching school I’ve witnessed first hand the sleepy students with tired eyes, taking at least a week to adjust their circadian rhythms back to a new cycle.

So when the referendum item was asked on last year’s provincial election ballot I assumed that others hated time change as much as myself.

I was wrong, 50.2% of the population did not agree with me.

The vocal pushback seemed to revolve around the challenge to schedule pro sports teams between the East and West coast (amongst other things). As Karina keenly noted, If we can launch a rocket to space and have it return and land on its own, I’m pretty sure we can figure out new pro-sports scheduling.

Apparently the pain of our bi-annual circadian adjustments is less than fear of changing the status quo of time change.

This week the 4:50 alarm felt slightly early (3:50am… yeeesh!).

At least the ‘keep it the same’ people are feeling the same ‘hurt’. haha

When a system needs fixing, push back against the complacency of the status quo.

Improvement is ongoing, and it takes hard work.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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