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Just Look Up

While visiting our house this week Popa asked a question while peering out the living room window. “Is it an optical illusion or can you really see that far on the horizon?”

From our vantage we could see large rising hills climbing off into the distance, and despite living in this location for over fifteen years, none of us could confirm if this was the normal view.

“I guess we will have to compare this to tomorrow morning”, I quipped, slightly embarrassed that I had not paid attention enough to verify the question.

This seemed like the perfect anecdote to all things in life. We have billions of pieces of external input and stimuli, and a limited ‘aperture’ from which to receive.

We choose where to allocate our limited ‘sensory’ budget, and often focus on the negative, the flashiest, or the easiest. The beautiful horizon often goes unnoticed.

We become what we focus on, and interpret the world by choosing where to focus our attention. Look up, take in the world around you, and choose to focus on the beautiful.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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