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Just laugh it off

My spidey senses were tingling when one of my High School Phys. Ed. students begged to take my only ‘Aerobie’ disc out to the field during class this week.

“Just DON’T lose it!” was the only direction I gave him as I put it around his neck.

So when I walked out to the field one minute later I was slightly ‘aggravated’ to watch it drifting about a mile into the sky… landing right on top of the school.


“What did I just say?! I yelled toward the 18 year old student.

“Sorry he replied, I just had to see how far I could throw it. I’m sure I could get on the roof and rescue it if you let me try”

“No” I promptly replied.

His friendly smile quickly dissipated my anger and I found it comical how after years of teaching high schoolers I had so easily been duped.

We ended up having a great outdoor class (not with the Aerobie though) and it was a success regardless.

I am happy to report that today I was able to recover the disc from the roof of the school and get a cool tour of our secret roof access. Not only that, I was able to rescue various other lost pieces of sporting equipment along the way.

It was a great reminder of how much nicer it is to pivot quickly, laugh it off, and move on.

Not only is it good on the psyche, but it takes you a new direction, and you just might learn something new.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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