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Just ask, who knows you just might learn something new

Olive is often embarrassed by (or simply used to me) asking many questions of strangers any time I am genuinely curious about something.

This happened most recently at the Starbucks in Mission, BC where I asked a young couple if I could take a picture of their drinks so I may remember to order those next time (I know a little strange… haha).

It was amazing how in that moment of asking how a sombre stranger (neutral expression, quiet) turned into an eager smiling comrade as he excitedly asked “would you like me to tell you the order so you know what to get?”

The human desire for connection is often constrained by obscure social constructs of ‘normal behaviour’, or our own fear of embarrassment.

When we can break down our imaginary barriers, and step out of our element, we are finally free to learn… even if it is simply a new drink recipe.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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