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It’s here

Ten minutes before reading with my grade two students this morning I created and printed an original ‘reader’s theatre’ script which included the names of each of the readers, a rhyming pattern, and most importantly humour.

When I say ‘created’ I really mean created a prompt, which ChatGPT 4 used to create the whole story in less than ten seconds.

The students got a kick out of it, were totally engaged, and even wanted to add actions the second time through. 

I’ve been fairly evangelical with my promotion of the new wave of AI tools, and it seems that a good portion of my creative work has already been delegated to, or at least augmented by some form of artificial intelligence (AI).

Because of this I'm often amazed at how few people have taken the time to play with this new technology. 

Learn something new this week and dabble in AI. 

Automate a process, alter your headshot, or simple ‘write’ a funny limerick. 

AI is here, it’s real, and it’s changing life at hyper-speed.

  • Now that’s a peak ethos.

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