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It matters to them.

I just returned from the school Remembrance Day celebration.

I had full intention of skipping the event as I couldn’t see why it would matter if I attended, but leaving the yard this morning Hazel informed me, through teary eyes, that I better be there as her class was sharing a poem.

“Why does it even matter?” I pleaded, imagining all the important work I’d be missing.

“You missed the Halloween parade!” she exclaimed in anger. Another event that I could have easily made, yet chose to work through, to accomplish more ‘stuff’.

It became instantly clear that it was not about the objective, rational ‘need’ to attend, but rather showing up to be a ‘present’ supporter of my daughters’ event.

This caused me to set a new rule for my daily operations.

If I can be there for the girls, I will, even when it doesn’t seem necessary or practical.

-Now that’s a peak ethos.

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